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"So you think you know what’s going on down there?” – piling for maritime works

9 Mar 2017
(starts at 2:15pm)


The third edition of the ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls was published in 2012 and reflects some of the developments that have affected piling for structures in ports, harbours and other inshore marine locations.

The first part of this seminar will consider how the understanding of the design and construction of concrete cast in-situ piles and diaphragm walls for maritime works has developed and how this has been reflected in the Third Edition of the Specification. The second part of this seminar will consider an innovative Scandinavian piling system, will then review steel piling practice for maritime works, with a particular emphasis on achieving compatibility between the indicated design, the specification and achievable installation tolerances and finally consider how the Specification addresses these issues.

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5 Jun 2017



Young professionals
evening seminar

4 Sep 2017

ICE, London



9 Oct 2017
(All day)




24 Nov 2017

ICE, London

PIANC working group updates


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BS 6349: “Maritime Works”, Advancing on Firm Foundations

13 February 2017

Since 2011, PIANC has hosted an annual event at the Institution of Civil Engineers to present the latest progress in standardisation for Maritime Works. 

This event updates delegates as to the progress being made on standardisation and alert them to impending activity in the ongoing development of the standard series.

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Sir William Harris Lecture

9 January 2017

Titanic, from Engineering triumph to human tragedy - how a splendid ship was sunk by the obstinacy and perversity of man by Graham Anthony, Maritime Historian 

View it online here on the ICE website.

PIANC UK Seminar and AGM

25 Nov 2016

Ports Operation Management Seminar.
This Port Operations Seminar provided delegates with the opportunity to come and meet representatives of the ports industry and find out what really happens in ports.

View a recording of the seminar online here

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PIANC Young Professional Evening Seminar

19 Oct 2016



Hull Greenport visit and evening seminar

26 Sept 2016


Technical seminar: The use of navigation simulation and physical models in project design

6 June 2016

This seminar was held at HR Wallingford. The participants visited HR Wallingford UK Ship Simulation Centre and their physical model facilities. Details of two projects which have used these facilities were given.


Climate change workshop

07 March 2016

Climate change adaptation for ports and navigation infrastructure
A PIANC seminar and workshop, co-promoted by CEDA

Programme (.pdf)

Introduction (.pdf)
Watch introduction on Vimeo

09:30 - Interpreting the climate science

13:05 - Identifying and assessing the risks

15:35 - Resilience and adaptation solutions: some insights

Download the summary of London workshop conclusions (.pdf)

Watch the video recordings of the majority of the presentations on our Vimeo channel here.

BS 6349 Maritime Works

08 February 2016

BS 6349 Maritime Works


27 November 2015


Working Group Reports:

Sir William Harris Lecture:

PIANC UK Half‑day Seminar

12 October 2015

Advanced Technologies in the Operation and Inspection of Waterways Infrastructure

Gathering data in order to understand environmental conditions, and to gain an appreciation of existing structures at the coast and along rivers and waterways, has traditionally been costly. Developments in technology over the last 10 years have made comprehensive data collection easier and, when used judiciously, more cost effective. Changes in technology have enabled new practical solutions to be developed to provide more durable infrastructure and to reduce operation and maintenance costs. This seminar provides an opportunity to learn about recent, and on-going, developments from some industry leaders.


PIANC UK Young Professionals Evening Seminar

07 September 2015

Young Professionals from leading UK maritime consultants, contractors and owner/operators presenting on projects they have influenced and provided an insight into the contribution they are making to our industry, as well as some specific challenges they have overcome.


Construction in a marine environment – examples of good practice

09 March 2015

Construction in the marine environment holds many unique challenges. This seminar provided an opportunity to learn from the experiences of a number of Europe’s top maritime contractors, where they reported on some of their recent projects. The presentations covered a wide range of construction topics but all had the same fundamental issues of building to time, quality and a budget in a marine environment.


Water injection dredging

March, 10, 2014

Half day seminar held at the ICE, London.
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BS 6349: “Maritime Works” Finishing the task

10 February 2014

Since 2011, PIANC has hosted this annual event to present the latest progress in standardisation for Maritime Works.

This seminar, the fourth consecutive event, updated delegates as to the progress made on standardisation and alerted them to impending public consultation processes. The speakers represented the ICE, IStructE, Civil Engineering Contractors Association, the concrete industries, OCIMF, design consultants and British ports.

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Widening the Panama canal – what is happening and what will its impact be?

28 October 2013

For many years the dimensions of the Panama Canal have dictated the upper size of commonly occurring cargo vessels to “Panamax” at circa 294m length, 32m beam and 12m draught. Larger vessels have had to transit Cape Horn, and hence become known as “Capesize”. When the new set of locks are opened in 2014 the ”New Panamax” is set to be 366m length, 49m beam and 15m draught, increasing the size of container ships transiting the canal from about 5,000teu to 12,000teu. This is set to be one of the greatest changes in shipping patterns for many years.

PIANC UK with its major interest in navigation and shipping is keen to celebrate the event. This was the first, prior to its opening, of a number of technical seminars on the subject.


Biodiversity offsetting at the coast

14 October 2013

This meeting was on the topic of biodiversity offsetting at the coast. It featured various presentations with the objective to stimulate discussion about coastal biodiversity offsetting issues – thus enabling those attending to include relevant comments in their responses to DEFRA's recent green paper (https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/biodiversity-offsetting-in-england).


BS 6349: “Maritime Works” Moving into the New Era

18 February 2013

This seminar infomed of the progress made on bringing the British Standard for maritime works into the 21st century.

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Port planning for the 21st Century – aspirations and innovations
PIANC Half Day seminar

16 November 2012

The seminar explored modern port planning principles, including those being developed as part of the new PIANC International Working Group 158 – Masterplans for the development of existing ports.


Sir William Harris Lecture


Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes: The conservation and re-display of the Cutty Sark presented by Dr Eric Kentley, Heritage consultant. Dr Eric Kentley was first engaged by the Cutty Sark Trust in 2003 to help scope the conservation project and apply to the Heritage Lottery Fund for support. He was subsequently made responsible for the interpretation of the ship’s history and wrote all the exhibition text and scripts, as well as the guidebook.

Download presentation here. (.pdf, 9MB)

PIANC 2012 Annual Conference
Learning from experiences

19 October 2012

The theme of the Annual Conference of the UK section of PIANC was Learning from Experiences. Future ports and maritime infrastructure: learning lessons from the past.

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Biodiversity offsetting at the coast:
Opportunities and challenges for engineers
PIANC Half day seminar in partnership with the ICE Maritime Expert Panel

28 September 2012

Biodiversity offsetting is one of the key policy initiatives of the 2011 Natural Environment White Paper. It aims to help reverse on-going losses by delivering a net gain in biodiversity. This seminar introduced the policy in general terms, explored specific issues relating to the coastal environment and those operating at the coast, and sought feedback on a draft ICE discussion paper.

Bigger ships - bigger ports
PIANC Half Day Seminar

11 June 2012

Following the deadly capsizing of the Costa Concordia off Italy in January this year and the onboard fire on its sister ship the Costa Allegra in February, safety concerns of large cruise liners is headline news. These events are in the centenary year of the sinking of the Titanic. Do large cruise ships preclude safety? Find below presentations given at this seminar. Click on title to download the pdf.

Bringing BS 6349: "Maritime Works" into the 21st Century



6 February 2012

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PIANC AGM and Technical Seminar

November 25, 2011

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Climate change adaptation for navigation infrastructure: moving from theory to practice?

October 21, 2011

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Marinas and Mega Yachts

June 2011

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Ships in Ports Managing Risks

March 2011

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Genesis of Queens Cunard Great Liners

November 2010

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PIANC Port Construction and Dredging in the Marine Environment: An Update

October 2010

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