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PIANC UK Young Professionals Evening Seminar

Monday 16 September 2019, 1800hrs – 1930hrs

Institution of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, Westminster, SW1P 3AA

Young Professionals from leading UK maritime consultants, contractors and owner/operators will be presenting on projects they have influenced and providing an insight into the contribution they are making to our industry, as well as some specific challenges they have overcome.

The presentations will be a maximum of 10 minutes, with a number of presentations covering a range of topics included in the evening.

Refreshments will be available from 1730 in the Café Bar and, following the seminar, the PIANC UK Committee invite all attendees to join them for sponsored drinks and networking.

This event is free and open to all professionals, young and old, with an interest in the planning, design and development of marine and waterways infrastructure.

If you are interested in presenting please submit a short (5 sentence abstract) to heatherarmour@hotmail.com by Friday 26 July 2018.

Visit https://www.ice.org.uk/events/pianc-uk-young-professionals-seminar-london to book your space.


Ships and Berth interface
A joint PIANC-RINA event

Friday 28 June 2019

ICE, London

This conference is targeted at progressing the work done in October 2018.

This 2019 PIANC/RINA Conference is targeted at progressing the work done at the 8 October 2018 workshop, where four main topics were examined in detail:-

  • The ship to fender structural interaction
  • Recent unsatisfactory experience with the quality of supply of rubber fender units
  • Recent unsatisfactory experience with the quality of supply of bollards
  • Issues associated with ship moorings

This in turn had already built on the results of the 14 May 2018 joint PIANC/RINA Seminar which highlighted a number of areas where there was a clear need to harmonise approaches between naval architects and port engineers, event to the point of needing a better common vocabulary for certain issues.

Having highlighted the problems, it is now necessary to identify the impact of these issues on standards and codes of practice, and these presentations, given by speakers with direct experience of these key issues.

For more information and to book online, visit https://www.ice.org.uk/events/ship-and-berth-interfaces-london.

YP Event, evening lecture

16th September 2019 London (Institution of Civil Engineers)

Details to follow


7th October 2019

London (Institution of Civil Engineers)

Details to follow


29th November 2019 (evening)

London, (Institution of Civil Engineers)

Details to follow

Previous events

Any views or opinions expressed on any matters by the presenters or participants during or in connection with this presentation are solely the views of the authors of the respective comments and/or opinions and must not be taken to be the views of ICE or PIANC UK or any other organisation. ICE and PIANC UK make no representations, warranties or assurances concerning any information provided in these presentations and accept no responsibility for their content and/or accuracy.

We welcome feedback on our events. If you would like to put forward any comments please contact us.




YP Event, Southampton visit

16th May 2019

The PIANC UK Young Professionals aims to bring together those from leading UK maritime consultants, contractors, owner/operators, students and those with an interest in the marine environment at an evening seminar on Thursday 16th May. This included a tour of the University of Southampton’s modelling facilities, and a presentation on recent maritime projects by members of PIANC UK, with an insight into the contribution modeling makes to such projects.

Maritime engineering in Scotland and FloWave tour, Edinburgh

30 April 2019

The FloWave Ocean Energy Research facility at the University of Edinburgh is a cutting-edge tool for the model testing of both existing and proposed structures subject to waves and currents concurrently, under a wide variety of angles of approach.
Participants on the tour were given the background theory to the facility and see it in operation.

Evening Seminar: The evening seminar at the University of Edinburgh comprised four lectures covering current maritime issues including the mooring of large ships, the maintenance of Ro-Ro berths and construction practice in a marine environment.

Port of Aberdeen and South Harbour Development, Aberdeen

1 May 2019, Aberdeen UK

The Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project is an exciting development and participants were given a presentation about the port and the South Harbour Development, followed by a tour of the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and port facilities.
The second part of the tour comprised a visit to the South Harbour Visitor Centre with a presentation by the contractor and the opportunity to view the site from the centre and discuss the project with the contractor.

Sir William Harris Lecture:
“A modern alliance for a modern lifeboat service”

7th January 2019

This lecture gave a brief history of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the background and detail of the creation and operation of the Alliance.

Inland Waterways - Managing the Assets & Future Projects

18th March 2019, from 18:00 to 20:00hrs

There have been major changes in the way the canals in the UK and Ireland have been run in the last 20 years, but the engineering challenges remain the same – how to maintain the assets cost effectively while, at the same time, restoring derelict canals.
This seminar will include presentations from the Canal & River Trust, Waterways Ireland, a canal restoration trust and contractors involved in the sector. How are the engineering challenges met? What are the future projects in both the public and the large and small charity sectors?

PIANC Seminar: Ships and Berths Interfaces

8th October 2018

PIANC Seminar: Ships and Berths Interfaces
PIANC held a successful joint PIANC & RINA Ships at Berth Conference on the 14th May 2018 which highlighted some interface issues where the disciplines of naval architecture and maritime civil engineering differed in approach but needed to reach common outcomes. It was decided to follow up on this by bringing a number of industry experts from both disciplines together and to convene cross-disciplinary workshops targeted at closing the gaps on such issues.

'Ships and Ports' Conference

14 May 2018

PIANC and RINA Joint Conference: Ships and Ports
This Conference brings together maritime civil engineers, naval architects, mariners and port engineers to share their diverse disciplines and experiences at the ship/port interface.

Sir William Harris Lecture

8 Jan 2018

Sir William Harris Lecture
"Safe navigation around the coast - the work and functions of Trinity House".
Download flyer: Sir-William-Harris-Lecture-2018.pdf


24 Nov 2017

PIANC working group updates

Designing against vessel impacts

9 Oct 2017

Download presentations

PIANC Seminar: Maritime Projects in the South-West

6 Jun 2017

Download presentations

"So you think you know what’s going on down there?” – piling for maritime works

9 Mar 2017

Download presentations

BS 6349: “Maritime Works”, Advancing on Firm Foundations

13 February 2017

Since 2011, PIANC has hosted an annual event at the Institution of Civil Engineers to present the latest progress in standardisation for Maritime Works. 

This event updates delegates as to the progress being made on standardisation and alert them to impending activity in the ongoing development of the standard series.

Download presentations

Sir William Harris Lecture

9 January 2017

Titanic, from Engineering triumph to human tragedy - how a splendid ship was sunk by the obstinacy and perversity of man by Graham Anthony, Maritime Historian 

View it online here on the ICE website.

PIANC UK Seminar and AGM

25 Nov 2016

Ports Operation Management Seminar.
This Port Operations Seminar provided delegates with the opportunity to come and meet representatives of the ports industry and find out what really happens in ports.

View a recording of the seminar online here

Download presentations

PIANC Young Professional Evening Seminar

19 Oct 2016



Hull Greenport visit and evening seminar

26 Sept 2016


Technical seminar: The use of navigation simulation and physical models in project design

6 June 2016

This seminar was held at HR Wallingford. The participants visited HR Wallingford UK Ship Simulation Centre and their physical model facilities. Details of two projects which have used these facilities were given.


Climate change workshop

07 March 2016

Climate change adaptation for ports and navigation infrastructure
A PIANC seminar and workshop, co-promoted by CEDA

Programme (.pdf)

Introduction (.pdf)
Watch introduction on Vimeo

09:30 - Interpreting the climate science

13:05 - Identifying and assessing the risks

15:35 - Resilience and adaptation solutions: some insights

Download the summary of London workshop conclusions (.pdf)

Watch the video recordings of the majority of the presentations on our Vimeo channel here.

BS 6349 Maritime Works

08 February 2016

BS 6349 Maritime Works


27 November 2015


Working Group Reports:

Sir William Harris Lecture:

PIANC UK Half‑day Seminar

12 October 2015

Advanced Technologies in the Operation and Inspection of Waterways Infrastructure

Gathering data in order to understand environmental conditions, and to gain an appreciation of existing structures at the coast and along rivers and waterways, has traditionally been costly. Developments in technology over the last 10 years have made comprehensive data collection easier and, when used judiciously, more cost effective. Changes in technology have enabled new practical solutions to be developed to provide more durable infrastructure and to reduce operation and maintenance costs. This seminar provides an opportunity to learn about recent, and on-going, developments from some industry leaders.


PIANC UK Young Professionals Evening Seminar

07 September 2015

Young Professionals from leading UK maritime consultants, contractors and owner/operators presenting on projects they have influenced and provided an insight into the contribution they are making to our industry, as well as some specific challenges they have overcome.


Construction in a marine environment – examples of good practice

09 March 2015

Construction in the marine environment holds many unique challenges. This seminar provided an opportunity to learn from the experiences of a number of Europe’s top maritime contractors, where they reported on some of their recent projects. The presentations covered a wide range of construction topics but all had the same fundamental issues of building to time, quality and a budget in a marine environment.



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