Welcome to the UK Section of PIANC

What is PIANC?

PIANC, the International Navigation Association is a professional organisation offering access to worldwide trends and challenges in port and waterway development and management.  The UK Section members, including government organizations, the private sector, and individuals, work together with 40 other nations to address a broad range of policy, engineering, and environmental issues for the advancement of waterborne transportation.

Where is PIANC located?

The international headquarters of PIANC is located in Brussels, Belgium at facilities provided by the Flemish government.  In addition National Sections are located in over 23 countries, with individual memberships worldwide.

The Secretariat of the UK Section is hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers in London.  The mailing address is:

PIANC UK Section
The Institution of Civil Engineers
1 Great George Street
London SW1P 3AA
United Kingdom

What does PIANC do?

PIANC International operates through a Council, which directs the international study commissions and working groups.

Technical working groups are composed of participants from member countries who have interest and expertise in the issue being investigated.  The groups gather, analyze, and consolidate state-of-the-art material from each country.  The resulting reports are published and sent to each PIANC member

Recently, new working groups have been established on the following topics:

  • Innovations in Navigation Lock Design
  • Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Fairways
  • Environmental Aspects of Dredging and Port Construction Around Coral Reefs and Cold Water Hard Bottom Benthic Communities

Every four years an International Congress, open to all members, is held for the presentation and discussion of papers on subjects pertaining to waterways and maritime navigation.  The last International Congress was hosted by the UK Section and held in 2010 in Liverpool. 

How to join PIANC?

Visit our membership page for information on how to join PIANC.

PIANC UK - Rules and regulations

Click here to download PIANC UK Rules and regulations (.pdf)


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